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So, I spent almost every free moment today trying to set up a self hosted WordPress site and now 13 hours, two hosts, two domain names and about $90 later… I still got nothin. 

This blogging shit takes some serious guts and dedication.

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  1. When I was self-hosted, I went through HostGator using the WordPress.org format if that helps you any.

    If you’ve already tried it, then sorry :/ I know how frustrating that is.

  2. I’m doing the same thing, but getting no where, so I found a dude on fiverr.com who will supposedly be loading my new, kinda complicated theme AND sending me a video teaching me how to manipulate, customize and load content. I had really good luck with fiverr.com before with a resume service, and it’s definitely worth the $20 bucks to me if this guy does everything he says he will do.

    1. I have never used Fiverr but I will keep it in mind when I have trouble with things. I ended up switching to Bluehost. They have incredible customer service, so far. Are you talking about a wordpress.com theme or a theme for a self-hosted site?

      1. It’s a wordpress-based customized theme from elegantthemes.com. I’m hosting it through hostgator. I’m using fiverr for a logo design too. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

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