Yeah. I went to band camp.

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I found myself tonight researching online the prices of baritone horns, because I think I finally successfully convinced Elise tonight to play that in band this year instead of the flute. I have a whole list of reasons why I would rather her play a brass instrument than the flute, including:

  • I myself played the baritone horn when I was in middle school and junior high before moving up to the tuba
  • so therefore I know how to play it (or at least I hope I remember) and I can help her learn it,
  • whereas if she chose the flute I would be completely useless to her and would have to end up spending more money on lessons
  • and, I think it will be easier and therefore more fun for her, and therefore she will be more likely to stick with it.
  • I hope.
I don’t know why she wanted to play the flute but somehow she got it into her head that that was the instrument she wanted to learn how to play and I am just not convinced that there will be a good outcome from that.
I sat her down tonight and explained my entire history of learning music and playing instruments, including how the clarinet was the first thing I played and I hated it – I thought it was complicated, too hard, it made my mouth hurt, and I didn’t really like the sound, it turns out. So, I was smart and instead of quitting I asked the band teacher to let me play something else – or maybe he suggested I play the baritone – I wish I could remember things like that from my childhood. I remember Mr. Abbott so fondly.
Anyway, I switched to the baritone horn and I really liked it. I learned to read music, the beloved bass clef, cause I’m all about that bass, bout that bass, no treble. Then in eighth grade Mr. Abbott needed a tuba player, and I was all in. Playing tuba in marching band was the best thing I did in high school. Yeah, I was that band nerd, doing things in band camp.
I know that flute will be hard for Elise to learn. Really hard. Harder than so many other things. I explained why, and then I told her about the baritone. I showed her some Youtube videos of people making beautiful sounds with baritones, and she was entranced.
Then I introduced her to the Ohio State Marching Band. Behold:
Her eyeballs damn near popped out of her little head. She was bouncing on the seat excited and kept demanding that we watch more, and more, and MORE! And oh my god, THIS IS SO AWESOME! I WANT TO DO THAT? MOMMY HOW CAN I DO THAT?
Oh my god, that felt awesome.
Also, I had Cowlick’s fro-yo and candy for dinner, because I worked my ass off today and had a salad for lunch and Elise got TWO WEEKS IN A ROW of 97 point days of good behavior, and she deserved a treat, too. It’s been a while.
I hope I can post tomorrow. Perhaps I’ll download the app. But, I will be busy because I’m going to upstate New York to see NEIL FUCKING GAIMAN. Yup.

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