You’re Making Me Look Lame

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So last night the temperature was around ZERO degrees, and apparently the wind chill in my town got to TWENTY DEGREES BELOW ZERO.

That is totally unacceptable, and since I am smart enough to stay indoors when “Real Feel” temps get into the negative, I still don’t know what it feels like. And I’m glad.

This morning, school was delayed for two hours because it was just too fucking cold for kids to go outside.

At first, when I got the Robocall last night from the Superintendent, I was like, this town is full of pussies.

I grew up in the woods, we’re tough stock, and we never canceled school for COLD WEATHER.


So at 10:15 this morning I got Elise ready to go to school:


She was mad at me for bundling her up so much. I was trying to get her to pull the scarf up over her mouth and nose but she just wasn’t having it. She also had a more… limited range of motion in her arms.

“You’re making me look lame, mom.”

She’s smiling her, because Elise can’t NOT cheese for the camera, but a few moments before this, it was a serious glare.

“You’re making me look lame, mom.”

The words of a teenager, already coming out of my nine year old.

What the hell, dudes?

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